The Oasis range of wash water reclamation systems has been developed in response to a growing requirement for the recycling of commercial wash down water. Whether the requirement be financial or environmental the Oasis range has the system to suit your needs. With more standard features than any other system an Oasis wash water reclaim will provide you with excellent quality recycled water for your wash down facility. Systems include the ground breaking Enzymatic – A system capable of recycling pressure washer effluent on a closed loop basis producing excellent quality water for reuse. Systems available to allow continued washing during drought conditions and hose pipe bans.

Biological water treatment

Mother natures way of treating water. For millions of years natural biological processes have cleaned the worlds water. ByWater Services have now harnessed this process to enable the natural cleaning of industrial effluent. Using hi-tech media with large surface areas, maximum contact between media and effluent is ensured. In addition to this a catalyst (biochem) and oxygen are introduced to enhance the performance of the bed. This results in extended contact times producing a high quality treated water.

The Benefits

  • Up to 95% reductions in water and effluent charges
  • Rapid payback
  • Reduced water storage requirements
  • Reduced demand on mains water supply
  • Environmentally friendly

The Range

  • Partial wash water reclamation
  • Total wash water reclamation
  • Pressure washer/steam cleaner water recovery
  • Chemical/detergent recovery
  • Zero drainage/Closed loop systems
  • Above and below ground settlement tanks
  • Drought compliant systems

Our systems are currently recycling up to 95% of water from:

  • Automatic car washes
  • Hand car washing facilities
  • Bus/Lorry washes
  • Train washes
  • Pressure washing/steam cleaning facilities
  • Plant and machinery washing facilities
  • and many other wash down operations