With more and more companies turning to static pressure cleaning systems for security, reliability, construction and peformance, ByWaters offer all that and so much more. Built on solid internal frame, housed in stainless steel panels and protected against frost, the ByWater commercial pressure washer is designed to withstand the elements and outlast many of it’s counterparts by many years. Simplicity itself to operate having all the variable controls pre-set and mounted inside the cabinet allowing total management control.


The cabinet is fitted with a radial door lock and special anti-tamper screws to ensure against unauthorised access and offer protection from misuse and abuse. With keyed operation as standard, it allows for management control over usage and ensure only authorised users.

For total security against theft, the machine is fitted with anchor rails for securing to a concrete base pad or plinth.

Total Management Control

With all the variable controls pre-set within the locked cabinet, tampering is avoided. The detergent valve is also pre-set inside and only operated only by a switch controlled solenoid, leaving you in charge of settings and usage, so avoiding expensive waste.

Construction and Performance

Stainless panels are fitted throughout and secured to a heavy-duty steel frame with tamperproof stainless screws. All units are built and tested individually, using the latest in component technology, giving a robust and durable product, all backed up with an on-site parts & labour warranty, coupled with a dependable after-sales service.