The Oasis Ecobay

Due to an ever increasing demand for environmentally friendly solutions to the installation of wash bays and wash down centres and the need for customers to reinstall wash plant in new alternative locations. ByWater have developed the ‘Ecobay’ a modular and mobile wash bay for installation without the need for civil works.

The ‘Ecobay’ system is free standing and requires only a level base.

All the wash water is collected in the under-foot collection trays for discharge or for processing by a water recycling system. (see wash water recycling)

Traditional systems require large investment in permanent underground structures. The ‘Ecobay’ enables customers to install, and move their wash bays whilst avoiding groundwork costs and remaining compliant with legislation.

When used in conjunction with an oasis recycling system the ‘Ecobay’ becomes a fully contained environmental wash centre.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully modular
  • Zero discharge when used with an Oasis recycling system
  • Various sizes available
  • No civil works necessary – simply requires a level base for installation
  • Galvanised construction
  • Easily dismantled for transportation to new site